Year 2 - Class Rules 2016/17

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Mrs Hunt

Current Class Newsletter & Curriculum Map

Please take some time to read the latest class newsletter and the curriculum map that shows you what the children will be learning over the next two or three months here...

Year 2 Get a chance to revisit some of last term's topic

Coming to the cinema very shortly is a film that I think Year 2 children might really want to see, given what we studied last term. The Good Dinosaur is coming to the screen before Christmas. This is a Pixar animated feature about the adventures of a young dinosaur and his human friend. Set in an alternate timeline in which the asteroid that caused the extinction of dinosaurs missed the Earth, the story follows Apatosaurus Arlo, who is left to fend for himself after losing his father in an accident and getting swept away by a river.

Year 2 Gallery

You can see some fantastic examples of the children's work based on the range of topics we cover throughout the year as well as all the activities, trips and events we do.Take a look!


You can see the current homework and any previously set homework here....