Year 6 - Homework 2016/17

Homework – Friday 27th January 2017


Revision – page 8 to 13. Practice Question – Pigeon Summer AND Wind in the Willows

Homework – Wednesday 25th January

1. Spreading
2. Interesting
3. Absorbed
4. Wonderful
5. Journey
6. Varieties
7. Gently
8. Required
9. Anchor
10. Stretched

Maths: Fractions and amounts (revision and practice questions)
SPAG: Modal Verbs AND Adverbials (revision and practice questions)
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Our Topic for Term 3 - Tomorrow's World

With a world of advancing technology and social media, what could be better than to dive right in and explore the effects if has on our world today! This term, the children will be looking at the advancement of technology and the role it plays in the world. We'll be writing balanced arguments regarding the internet across West Oxfordshire being switched off, letters to website designers and much more!

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