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Witney CPS Maths Calculation Policy

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This document gives parents guidelines on how we teach your children the four main maths operations of addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. The methods are not necessarily those that some parents will have been taught themselves. However, it is important that parents and adult helpers at home encourage the children to use the methods they are taught at school and not the shorthand methods that we as adults might use. The policy document describes really clearly the progressive nature of how children are taught the four operations to ensure that they really understand what is happening with the numbers and do not just learn a rule with little understanding of why it works. If you help your child with maths at home, then please read this document as it will make it clear how are children thinking and handling numbers, and help you to help them in the most appropriate way.

Phonics for Foundation Stage/ KS1 Parents

Here are a few online sites where your children can practise their phonics. Some of games will be familiar to them already. I have also included a link that will help you with pronounciation. Sounds should be 'pure' without an added 'uh' sound at the end. Please speak to your child's class teacher if you need any clarification.

We will also be using phoneme (sound) mats in class. Some of you may have seen them already. The aim is for the children to recognise the grapheme (letter(s) that represent a unit of sound/phoneme) and say the phoneme it represents as quickly as possible.

Download them here from Sparkle Box: Phase 2  ¦  Phase 3

Mrs Taylor
(Joint Literacy Co-ordinator)

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