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The partnership between school and home is vital for the successful education of your child. In order for this to develop we wish to establish good communication links and to work together to support your child’s needs.  This partnership between home and school is very important and we look forward to it been a happy and successful one. Everyone involved in the running of the school aims to develop a caring community in which children can feel secure and confident. In such an environment we believe the children will develop academically, socially and physically.


Homework is just one of the ways in which we seek to foster the Home/ School partnership. Homework encompasses a whole variety of activities instigated by teachers and parents to support children’s learning. Homework should not be a chore, but children should see it as an extension of their schoolwork. There may be occasions when some tasks are more challenging or difficult than usual as homework plays a positive role in raising a child’s level of attainment. We also acknowledge the important role of play and free time in a child’s growth and development.

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Parental Involvement

All of the staff welcome and encourage parents into the classrooms. There are many activities which parents can help with from cooking to swimming to joining us on school visits. Please feel welcome to discuss this with your child's teacher.

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